Go Guardian Scenes

I've heard several teachers ask, "How can I prevent students from accessing certain sites while in advisory class?"

The answer is with GoGuardian Scenes! Scenes let you create a whitelist/blacklist or a general profile of what content you want your students to access during your scheduled class.

I've found that in my classes, sometimes students go a little too far down the rabbit hole that is Youtube after they've completed their work. I'd rather them be more constructive and find something else to work on. So I'll block youtube using a scene.

Here is a video demonstration.

Maybe you're in Advisory class and want to restrict student access to only approved sites. Here is a video demonstrating setting up GoGuardian scenes to only allow approved sites.

If you'd like to know more about using GoGuardian Teacher, GoGuardian's website has a teacher training course that covers setting up your classes and using scenes to control your classroom activity.