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Online Registration is Live!



Step 1. Sign into the Student 360 Parent Portal on the school website under Resources > SIS > SIS 360 Portal or You will need to use the web login rather than the app. Please do not use a cellphone as data often does not transfer into our system. Your Username is the email on file with the district. You can create a new password on the login page, if needed.

Step 2. Select Online Registration message (the yellow bar at the top of the tiles) to open your registration forms. You will notice the first section of forms are household, they will update information for all students listed in your household. You will only need to update changes and check the completed electronic signature box at the bottom of each screen on the household fields. You will not be allowed to update Parent Name, Student Name, DOB, Gender or Home Address online; please contact the building office directly with Birth Certificate or Proof of Residency to make these changes OR email documents to [email protected] for review. Any Non-resident Parent must contact the building office directly to update their information as the system will not provide access to multiple parents. 

Next, you will see a section of forms specific to each individual student in your household, forms may vary by grade level. If a student is missing, please contact the office and DO NOT select SUBMIT Registration. 

Step 3. Select EDIT to complete the forms. Be sure to check the electronic signature box at the bottom corner of EACH form when completed. Use the Arrow buttons at the bottom of the screens to proceed to the next form. Using the Arrow or Return to List buttons automatically saves the screen you have just completed.

  Some forms, such as Emergency Contacts, will have an "➕ Add Contact" button at the bottom of the screen.

 Step 4. As you arrow through the forms, there is NO warning when you change from one of your students to the next. You will need to note the name and photo in the upper left corner so that you are entering information for the appropriate student.

 Step 5. Until you have completed all the forms, the Next button will be grayed out. If all forms are completed, a Submit Forms window will appear. You are still able to edit any screen until you click the Submit button. Select the Submit button if ALL your forms for ALL your students are complete. If the Submit window does not appear, choose the Return to List button. You will be able to see what forms are Incomplete (in red), or Completed (in black). Review the Incomplete for fields needing information and be sure you have checked the electronic signature box at the bottom of each form. If you do not have time to complete all the forms at once, you may simply come back to them at a later time and begin with those marked Incomplete. Remember, do NOT submit if you have a student whose name did not appear on your screens. Contact the building office where that student will attend for further instructions.

 Need more help? Call 573-283-5333.